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Get Pitch Perfect.

Let’s polish your pitch presentation for your next big step.

Mark Montgomery French, Pitch Consultant

You’ve been working hard on your product and now it’s time for that “big important meeting”—the one that could change your life. But you’re not sure how to present your product, how to craft your product’s story, or even what to do with your hands during your presentation.

That’s when you should contact me.

I’m a Pitch Consultant, and my mission is to move your pitch’s effectiveness from potential to essential. Tap to watch one my pitches.

I craft successful pitches for startups and the Fortune 500, from seed money requests to seven figure deals.

Below are the three results you’ll receive from our collaboration:
Your Story

Your Story

A full assessment of what makes you and your product great, distilled into jargon-free language that everybody can understand.

Your Deck

Your Deck

A narrative-rich premium presentation deck that focuses on connecting your story to your goal in mind.

Your Pitch

Your Pitch

As your product evangelist I will help you co-present in the actual meeting, plus I’ll coach you and your team how to present without fear.

I’ve led successful pitches for 20+ years for clients such as:

Mark has the imagination and strategic vision of a top notch creative leader as well as the skill-set and work ethic to bring those creative visions to life. I’ve worked with Mark for more than a decade at multiple companies, both on the agency and client side, and I’ve seen first hand how Mark can take a concept and do the work necessary to make it successful. Some of the best pitch decks I’ve ever seen—and I’ve see a lot—have come from Mark French.
Derek Kazee

Partner Strategy, Ebates (a Rakuten Company)

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