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Cigna Microsite

Digital, UX

As the scope of this project unfolded, it started to mimic the U.S. Homeland Security Threat Levels.

“Please create a healthcare options microsite, from scratch.” (LOW)
“And design some emails and direct mail that point customers to the site.” (GUARDED)
“The site has to work with both IE6 and the most current smartphones.” (ELEVATED)
“You only have six weeks.” (HIGH)
“Did we mention we’re changing our brand too, and we’re not done yet?” (SEVERE)


However, I eat unrealistic deadlines like Cracker Jacks. Slicing and dicing the process of mobile design is the most important part, and that process allowed an elegant and flexible site to debut on time. Chock-full of clear descriptions, informative videos and simple tools, this site helped increase new signups by 44%. And by designing a single responsive site that reflows to fit the customer’s screen, Cigna doesn’t have to manage an additional mobile site. (ELEVATED)
Or an additional 10-inch tablet site. (HIGH)
Or an additional 7-inch tablet site. (SEVERE)