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Ebates Credit Card

Digital, Print, Branding, Product Design, UX

On my first day at Ebates the CEO told me “We’re going to issue a Cash Back credit card”. My goal was to make our card stand apart from the bajillion other credit card offers that clog your mailboxes, both at your home and your email address.


Most credit card offers lull you to sleep with dry, flavorless messaging. I took another route that I call “Funancial”. The Ebates Visa Credit Card gives its owner the power to stack additional Cash Back on Ebates purchases, so the marketing took a lighter, aspirational approach to explaining the benefits.


We also led the charge technologically, as our card was one of the first to be both security chipped and Apple Pay approved. According to our financial partners, our work has resulted in higher-than-average card signups, card usage, and customer approval.